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TP Chandrashekaran murder accused active on Facebook from jail

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Story Dated: Monday, December 02, 2013 02:10 hrs UTC

 Accused in the TP Chandrashekaran murder case, who are in the Kozhikode District Jail, have been found sharing posts and uploading their pictures on Facebook. The most active among the seven-member gang arrested for hacking Chandrashekaran on May 4, 2012, are second accused Kirmani Manoj and fifth accused Mohammed Shafi.

The last post shared by Manoj was on Sunday at 1.12 pm. The pictures in Manoj's Facebook profile allegedly inside the jail premises show that the accused are having a good time inside and enjoying special status.

The accused also shared posts wishing good luck for the CPI (M) plenum and declaring their solidarity with the party. The comments for their pictures include 'brave communists and red salute'. In a picture of Kodi Suni, the third accused, one of the comments stated "let these hands have more strength".
Kerala: Jailed murder accused found active on Facebook
The pictures in Manoj's Facebook profile show that the accused are having a good time inside the jail and enjoying special status.

The jail authorities have started an investigation and so far could not trace any phones inside the jail.

Jail DGP Alexander Jacob said that they have already started investigation and so far could not find any mobile phones inside the jail premises. They will be seeking the help of the cyber police to track the signals of the phone and to find out whether the social networking site was accessed from jail.

However, police sources state that the pictures have no visible signs indicating that they were taken inside the jail. The account must have been accessed from some one outside the jail. There were allegations earlier that the accused in the Chandrashekaran murder case were provided with more facilities.

Kerala Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan will visit the jail on Tuesday morning. The incident has brought the Home Minister under attack once again.

KPCC President Ramesh Chennithala said that the home department should have been more careful while handling the accused in the TP Chandrashekaran murder case.

Chandrashekaran, who was a CPI (M) worker, walked out of the party due to differences with the official faction and formed Revolutionary Marxist Party. The murder had created quite a political turmoil in Kerala with the CPI (M) top brass accused of orchestrating the murder.


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