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INOC, USA lauds Congress Party for its timely actions in Karnataka to save democracy

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Story Dated: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 02:48 hrs UTC

New York: At a special meeting convened here on Sunday, May 20, in New York, the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA expressed complete admiration for the Congress Party in New Delhi in its resolute stance in achieving victory and placed itself along with JD(S) to form the next Government in Karnataka, India. The hurried attempt of BJP to form the government speciously in Karnataka was thwarted by the swift intervention of the Congress filing a suit with the Indian Supreme Court. Despite the Governor giving 15 days to BJP to form a government by showing their majority, it failed miserably to achieve this result within the 48 hours period shortened by the Supreme Court resulting in the BJP members walking out of the State Chambers even before the finishing of the National Anthem. What a sigh of relief appeared on the faces of the Congress-JD(S) alliance! “Democracy won in Karnataka,” declared Mayawati - BSP Chief.

“It is unfortunate that inequitable and perhaps illegal consequences were thrust into the lap of the Congress party hereto before in States like Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya where legitimate rights of the Congress in establishing Governments in those states were seized and denied,” said Harbachan Singh the Secretary General of INOC, USA adding that, “ Cries to reopen those cases may not be out of probability.”

At the behest of Dr. Sam Petroda, Chairman of the Overseas Congress Department of the All India Congress Committee, New Delhi, a team consisting of Mohinder Singh Gilzian President, Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General and Dr. Dayan Naik, President of the Karnataka Chapter of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA was in Karnataka to participate in the efforts relating to the elections process. They instantly were thrust into the intensity of the activities where Mr. K.C. Venegopal, Mr. Anand Sharma, Mr. Madhu Yaskhi and other high command Congress leaders were also present. George Abraham, Chairman of INOC, USA remained in close contact with the team and provided valuable advice from the United States.

Mohinder Singh Gilzian and his team successfully appealed to the Congress command to re-route Rahul Gandhi’s tour in Bidar to include the famous Sikh temple which had been visited by Amit Shah of BJP a week earlier. Dr.Dayan Naik worked hard closer to his hometown in Karnataka where Rahul Gandhi was also campaigning. He was convinced that the campaign fever was apparently in favor of the Congress party at that time.

The members were supportive of the new Rahul Gandhi’s approach to victory in the 2019 LS election and renewed their enthusiasm to hail the party to victory. Senior INOC leaders T.J. Gill, Master Sawaran Singh, John Joseph, R. Jayachandran, Leela Maret, Jayasundaram and Devendra Vohra also participated in the deliberations.

Harbachen Singh, Secretary-General


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