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Invitation for 'Support Aakash Dalal' Meeting

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Story Dated: Sunday, March 16, 2014 12:47 hrs UTC

Invitation for 'Support Aakash Dalal' Meeting On Friday, March 28,
2014 at Albert's Palace
                                                          Jose Pinto Stephen

Dear Friends & Supporters,

By now most of you must be familiar with Aakash Dalal case in Bergen
County, New Jersey. On behalf
of Support Aakash Dalal Team, I like to request everyone to Save The
Date for upcoming public meeting on Friday, March 28,'14 at 6:30 PM at
Royal Albert's Palace, 1050 King Georges Post Rd., Fords / Edison, NJ
08837. We will inform you detailed agenda in next few days.

But first we want to thank everyone those took time off from their
busy schedule and attended previous meetings at TV Asia and Edison
Inn. and show their support for Aakash Dalal in the court.

Upcoming meeting on Friday, March 28,'14 will be like a big rally and
we like to have at least 700 to 1000 people. We are expecting
mainstream and ethnic Print and Electronic media to cover this rally
to create
A big awareness for fair and speedy trial for Aakash. In New Jersey we
have a large South Asian Community in general and Indian American in
particular. It is not impossible for us to have more than 1000 people
if we all become active and all likeminded people just bring 2 or 3
additional people along with them. Especially our young people must
make every effort to join this cause, and play a leadership role. All
we need 200 to 300 active people to achieve this goal. I am looking
forward to hear from people who care for others. Those who want to
support the cause and want to be active supporter, please send us your
names, contact info and email address.

As you know, Aakash Dalal is held in jail in solitary confinement for
more than 2 years without any trial. The bail is currently set at $4
Million without 10% option, which is impossible for any average family
to meet. The media, justice apparatus and government officials
misconstrued the facts of this case to the public at large and
misconceptions were formed about Aakash Dalal's actions and his

This case was over-charged from the outset due to the heightened
sensitivity and personal political agendas. Aakash Dalal is US born
citizen and was President of Young American for Liberty in Rutgers
College, NJ, with perfect GPA, before his arrest. He was accused of
receiving military training in Ukraine, Russia or Korea. The truth is
that he has never traveled outside of Untied States and all that
justice apparatus has to do is to check DHS records. Any person who
travels outside US has to have his/her passport stamped. Justice
apparatus has not even checked that.

We are not asking to prove him innocent. We are simply demanding a
fair and speedy trial. To do that Justice system needs to lower the
bail to a reasonable amount, change the venue for a trial and to give
him a speedy trial and his day in court, which all citizens of US

Today is Aakash, only son of Dr. & Mrs. Dalal, tomorrow any one of our
child could be in a similar situation. We are not trying to interfere
in a legal process, but will not seat idle and authority will keep
Aakash in solitary confinement indefinitely in 6 X 8 feet cell. In our
opinion authority is trying to break
Him down psychologically, so he is unfit to stand trial or to coerce
him to confess the crime and plead guilty.

 For proper planning of this meeting your RSVP will be appreciated.
Light dinner will be served after meeting. We welcome any and all help
from every one, also we request all community & Religious
organizations to join the team and support this cause. Let us together
get justice for Dalal family. At
least forward this email to all your friends and family member and
invite them to join you and create awareness for this cause.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us
at anytime.

Support Aakash Dalal TEAM


Pradip (Peter) Kothari, President.
Indo American Cultural Society Inc.,
1655-260 Oak Tree Road,
Edison, NJ 08820.
Tel. : 732-283-9696 IACS, Inc.,
Tel.: 732 283 1234 Ext.: 107
Fax: 732 283 1091
Cell: 732 259 6874


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