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Story Dated: Monday, June 18, 2018 07:38 hrs EDT


Philip Chamathil sir spent his wonderful time in uniting us students and gave us the strength to form the FOMAA student forum at UT Dallas. He showed us that the core value of FOMAA is ORUMAA (Unity). During public events, he encouraged the youth to join the business leaders, other prominent guests and enabled a confluence of talent and ideas. As the founding President of FOMAA Students Forum at UT Dallas, I definitely believe that Philip Chamathil sir is the right person to unite and lead all the FOMAA malayalees in America and that given a chance he would bring out the best outcomes, benefitting all.
Being in a foreign country, it is impeccable for us to show the strength of our Malayalee community to tackle the problems our members face here. So please vote and support Philip Chamathil sir and let us bring a positive and vibrant change in the society, we live.

As the representative for 200 malayalee students (the youth) here in UT Dallas, I express my utmost interest and full support for FOMAA Dallas 2020 Convention. With the leadership of the Dallas team, FOMAA 2020 convention will be the best and biggest event FOMAA has ever organized, in its history! Cheers and fingers crossed!
#FOMAAConventionDallas2020 #Team Dallas

    Rohith Menon,
    Founding President,
    FOMAA Student Forum at UT Dallas


As we all know, Phillip Chamathil sir is a prime Presidential Candidates for the upcoming FOMAA 2020 election. Phillip sir has been and still remains the backbone of our young vibrant organization, FOMAA UTD, which is the first ever student chapter to be formed by FOMAA here in the US.

Phillip sir has been a great mentor to our organization and has spent a large portion of his valuable time in upbringing of FOMAA UTD. He believed in the overall development of a student and hence proved to be an integral part of all the cultural,academic and sports oriented programs conducted by the organization at UTD.

We the students of FOMAA UTD foresee him as the upcoming president of FOMAA, the most esteemed organization in the US. We know that has a lot of innovative ideas to offer and has been a huge inspiration to us through his amazing leadership qualities. We, the students of FOMAA UTD unfold our tremendous support for him and Team Dallas for the FOMAA Convention Dallas 2020.

Speaking on behalf of all the 150+ youth student members of FOMAA UTD,

     Vishal D Vijay
     FOMAA Student Forum at UT Dallas


Our chief advisor, Philip Chammathil is an enthusiastic, influenciable and the most promising leader I have seen in my life. We, with members of 200 students are strongly and precisely taking the pride to request all support and vote needed for Philip Chamathil and the whole team to win the election. The team of FOMAA Student Forum at UT Dallas, will assure all support, both technical and personal support, for the new Dallas convention 2020 to be the most successful convention in the history of FOMAA. As new leaders in the community, we take ultimate privilege and strength to promote Philip Chammathil and team, a big thumbs up for the election and the greater leadership years to come. #FOMAAConventionDallas2020 #Team Dallas

       Jason M Jacob
       FOMAA Student Forum at UT Dallas



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